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Community. Growth. Dignity. Stewardship. Play.

Camp Scugog is an inclusive and supportive community that ignites potential and nurtures positive outcomes for campers and staff.


Camp Scugog’s Summer Camp 

provides a classic overnight camp experience for underserved children, youth, and families. Campers form lasting connections, gain confidence and, most importantly, find joy and community.


and Summer Day Camp

Camp Scugog’s Nature School is an outdoor enrichment program for children aged 1 to 13. Based on real-time exploration and experiences, students spend their days outside, learning, growing and working together to learn more about themselves and the natural world. 


Camp Scugog’s Leadership Centre organizes single and multi-day programs for school groups. Offering a wide range of fully customizable activities and team building initiatives to meet the unique needs of your group.

Nature School and Leadership Centre serve as revenue generating streams to support Summer Camp.

Benefits of Camp Scugog
Appreciate Nature

Cultivate a deep appreciation for nature through hands-on experiences like exploration, observation, and conservation activities.

Build Friendships

Connect with peers, form meaningful friendships, and learn social skills through shared experiences and activities.

Foster Play

Foster play and imagination to boost creativity, curiosity, and promote problem-solving.

Improve Communication

Develop clear expression, empathy, and understanding through interactive activities, conflict resolution, teamwork, and unplugged interactions.

Develop Self-Esteem

Tackle challenges, explore interests, and celebrate accomplishments, boosting confidence, resilience, and self-worth.

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