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Environmental Commitment

A Tradition of Sustainability

For over 100 years Camp Scugog has been committed to growing generations of environmental stewards! Camp life helps develop an individual’s passion for nature and helps foster their commitment to environmental responsibility - from daily moments of admiring nature, to major facility upgrades for the low-carbon future.

Our Site

Camp Scugog has had the privilege and responsibility of caring for 300 acres of mixed forest, meadow, and marshland since 1913. Unhealthy and dead-standing trees are monitored and removed regularly to protect the health of the surrounding forest. Invasive species are an ongoing and rising concern. In 2023, Camp Scugog undertook a mammoth campaign to remove acres of invasive common buckthorn which have been choking out native tree species. Additionally, Camp Scugog has been prioritizing the planting of natural cedar tree barriers to protect against the spread of invasive species, provide wind breaks, and reduce noise pollution.  


In 2022, Camp Scugog’s Farmhouse was renovated and equipped with a geothermal heating and cooling system. Geothermal is a renewable energy source that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Water is pumped through a large loop of underground pipe that takes on the temperature of the earth below the frost line which stays at a consistent temperature year-round. This water is then pushed into a heat pump in the Farmhouse that keeps the air cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Growing Environmental Stewards

Camp Scugog aims to nurture passion and respect for the natural world. People who love nature will transform our world! Campers are empowered to make small daily sustainable choices including learning sewing skills to repair or repurpose clothing, turning out the lights for cabin clean-up, and planting trees for future campers to enjoy. Tree-planting is the centrepiece of a session-long team-building challenge, resulting in many trees already mature enough to provide shade!

Camp Scugog’s year-round Nature School programs foster environmental appreciation, stewardship, and reciprocity. Each day, children are encouraged to connect with the land in various ways while they learn, play, and grow. Nature School’s environmental education develops knowledge and awareness of natural systems and environmental issues while improving skills and behaviours that benefit environmental sustainability and generate young environmental stewards.

Modeling Intentionality 

Recognizing the fact that personal actions are not enough, Camp Scugog staff and leadership teams model a culture of intentionality in the use of all resources; Camp Scugog chooses to repair equipment whenever possible rather than replace it; Camp Scugog tailors meals to each group to minimize waste. Every day Camp Scugog approaches new projects through a long-term sustainability lens, leading by reusing materials, choosing environmentally friendly products, and sticking to low-carbon practices.

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