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Camp Scugog is looking for amazing Summer Camp counsellors who want to make a lasting difference!


Counsellors are enthusiastic, compassionate, and want to make memories that will last a lifetime. Every member of the Scugog team is responsible for building a sense of community where everyone is welcome.

Are you 17+ and ready for an unforgettable challenge?

Send a cover letter and resume to:

Gavin Keachie

Skills for Life

At Scugog, staff can grow their skills and gain new responsibilities. Camp life offers numerous opportunities for advancement, including running an activity, leading out-trips, and overseeing the day-to-day schedule. Camp Scugog staff are given the opportunity to work towards multiple certifications from lifeguarding and canoeing to food handling and first aid. Employers love to hire camp staff because of their ability to work as team players, be creative, and handle surprises!

Camp staff start the summer with a week of fun learning activities and community-building games before the campers arrive. Scugog provides all staff with training, mentorship, and support throughout the summer and beyond. Staff also have dedicated private space, time off each day (including one meal), and 2.5 days off between sessions.

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A Day at Camp…​

Picture kids sprinting through a game of capture the flag or having a water fight on a hot summer day. In the middle of the action stands the camp counsellor, a beacon of enthusiasm and guidance. Their days are filled with laughter and adventure as they lead campers through a variety of activities, from canoeing and swimming to arts and crafts.

​As night falls, the camp counsellor creates a space for reflection and becomes a storyteller, guiding campers into peaceful dreams and wonder for the days ahead. Camp counsellors nurture friendships and foster a sense of belonging for every camper.

​In both the quiet moments and the chaotic, the camp counsellor plays a vital role in shaping young minds and hearts. They inspire confidence, nurture friendships, teach valuable life skills, and instill a love for nature and community. In the eyes of the camper, a camp counsellor is a hero, a mentor, and a friend rolled into one—a figure who embodies the spirit of adventure and the magic of childhood summers.

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