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Our History

For more than a century, Camp Scugog has provided outstanding outdoor recreation and education experiences to children, youth and families.


Founded in 1913, on the traditional territory of the Mississauga of Scugog Island, Camp Scugog is one of the oldest camps in Canada. Since its founding, our Summer Camp’s goal has remained the same: to provide an incredible outdoor camping experience to children, youth and mothers facing socioeconomic barriers. The majority of campers continue to be referred by social service organizations including shelters, Children’s Aid Societies, Churches, and school boards. 


In 1976, Dana Leahey joined Camp Scugog as a Counsellor, Tripper and then Camp Director where she worked alongside Gary Hoey and Carol Rhynas for more than 40 years. Together, they developed programs, oversaw renovations to facilities, and ultimately, created environments for young people to thrive. 


In the 1990s Camp Scugog’s Leadership Program (LIT/JC) was established, and in the 2000s, it became a year-round program, bringing with it a dramatic shift in our ability to hire from within. 


Thanks to support from donors and friends, Camp Scugog has undergone significant renovations to allow for year-round programming including renovations to Hoey Hall (recreational hall), The Farmhouse (dining hall) and several sleeping cabins. A commitment to enhancing and upgrading programming infrastructure has continued with the additions of a basketball court, paddleboarding, and a high ropes course!  

In 2021, Camp Scugog’s Nature School launched, providing immersive outdoor education to children aged 4 to 13; and in 2023, Camp Scugog’s Leadership Centre launched, providing incredible leadership education and experiences to school groups. Revenue generated from these two programs is used to offset administrative costs, and keep our equipment and facilities up to date.


2024 is a particularly exciting year as Dana Leahey has stepped into the new role of Executive Director, Gavin Keachie is the new Summer Camp Director, and Jenny Rhynas and Jesse Murphy are new Assistant Directors responsible for our Nature School and Leadership Center. 

Every year, Camp Scugog is only able to provide incredible experiences because of the generosity of donors, volunteers, and friends who make it possible. Thank you to this incredible group of people and organizations, we are deeply grateful for your generosity and support. 


For historical pictures and more information about Camp Scugog, please visit YorkU Archives.

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