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Teens Camp

Each summer kicks off with a ten-day overnight session specifically designed for teens aged 12 to 15. Our program builds friendships and community while fostering self-esteem and self-worth. We aim to create positive attitudes and relationships that move youth forward into the future.


Camp Scugog staff are aware of their important role as friend, mentor and role model ensuring that campers maximize both their fun and growth throughout the session. Our goal is to give teens an incredible week where they learn skills for their future, positive attitudes and lifestyles that will be of help to them in their homes and communities.


Many Teens Camp campers go on to join the Leadership Program as Leaders in Training.

Camp Session
2024 Dates
Session 1
12 to 15
Mon, Jul. 1 - Wed, Jul. 10

Regardless of your financial situation, everyone is welcome at Camp Scugog’s overnight Summer Camp, while spots last. 

Fees are flexible and exist on a sliding scale based on need. To arrange a payment plan that works for you, please contact our Office Manager, Vicky Spence, at (905) 986-4401 or

Please note, if you are registering through an agency (e.g. Children’s Aid Societies, shelters, school boards, etc.) fees are $825 (per camper) for a ten-day session.

If you’d like to support other campers, please consider paying the full unsubsidized fee of $1,300 (per camper) for a ten-day session.

A Day in the Life at Camp Scugog

9:00 AM - Polar Bear and Voyageur!

Wake up with a crisp jump in the lake and a serene morning paddle to get you excited for the day ahead!


9:50 AM - Aerobics

Nothing like a little morning activity to get your energy up at the start of the day.


10:00 AM - Breakfast

Breakfast is different every day but there are always classics like oatmeal! We will also always sing Camp Scugog’s very own Polar Bear and Voyageur songs.


11:00 AM - Cabin Cleanup

Cabin groups spend this in-between-time getting ready for their morning rotations and participating in cabin cleanup, the cleaner a cabin is each day, the more points a cabin earns! The cleanest cabin wins a special award at Awards Night.


11:15 AM - 1:15 PM - Morning Rotations

During each session, campers will get to try out all the land and water activities we offer! With their cabin groups, they’ll have the opportunity to sign up for two morning rotations every day choosing from Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Low Ropes, High Ropes and more.


1:30 PM - Lunch

After a busy morning, campers will gather for lunch and a chance to pick out their Camper’s Choice activity for the afternoon.


2:15 PM - Rest Period

Time to play some cards, curl up with a good book, or simply just relax! Rest period is often spent in the cabin, supervised by a counsellor. It is a chance for campers to bond with their cabin mates and to recharge after a fun morning spent in the sun.



3:00 PM - Camper’s Choice

Camper’s choice allows campers to sign up for an activity of their choosing, whether it’s a camp classic like swimming, something more relaxed like sketching or bracelet making, or something unique like Jedi training! This time is for meeting new campers and staff, enjoying new and favourite activities, and for honing a skill or working on a project. Camper’s choice is staff-led, allowing the creative minds of our counsellors to run wild with activities they’d like to facilitate.

4:45 PM - Free Swim and Games

There are a lot of hot days at camp making our daily free swim a vital part of the camp experience. Free swim is extra refreshing after sweating it out at outdoor games beforehand!


6:30 PM - Dinner

Camp gathers for a well-balanced dinner.


7:30 PM - Evening Program

Time for a camp-wide field game! Whether it’s Capture the Flag, Stones, a camp-wide scavenger hunt, or Survival, it is a time for the entire camp to come together for a game of epic proportions.


8:45 PM - Campfire

Every great day ends with a warm campfire by the lake where the whole camp gets together to sing campfire songs, listen to stories and enjoy guitar playing.


9:45 PM - Nighttime Routine

After Campfire, all campers engage in their evening hygiene routines and get ready for bed before receiving their evening snacks and sharing their favourite parts of the day with the rest of their cabin group.


10:15 PM - Lights Out and Storytime!

You’re never too old for a bedtime story! We ensure all our campers are read to each night to help them wind down from the day and kickstart their dreams.

Every session campers can expect a talent showcase we like to call ‘Airband’ where cabin groups will put together a song or skit and perform it for the camp. Campers are also welcome to perform their own talent if they choose. They can also expect an awards night to commemorate and recount the good times they had during the session.

Campers can also expect an out-trip. Their cabin group will pack tents and sleeping bags for a night on one of our designated camping grounds. They will cook on a fire, share stories and bond with their cabin mates.

Is Camp Scugog right for your child?
Here are some options to help you decide!

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