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Moms & Kids Camp

​​One of the longstanding traditions at Camp Scugog is our program for moms and kids. These overnight sessions provide opportunities for mothers and/or other female caretakers and their children to spend time together in a creative and supportive outdoor environment.


During the day, separate programming is offered to children so our mothers and female caregivers are able to enjoy the company of other adults, while their children gain independence in our protected and safe community. New skills and strong communities are fostered at camp to help our moms and kids throughout the winter months. Each mother is accommodated with her children in a cabin shared with another family.

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Camp Session
2024 Dates
Session 2
0 to 16
Sat, Jul. 13 - Fri, Jul. 19
Session 4
0 to 16
Sat, Aug. 3 - Fri, Aug. 9

Regardless of your financial situation, everyone is welcome at Camp Scugog’s overnight Summer Camp, while spots last. 

Fees are flexible and exist on a sliding scale based on need. To arrange a payment plan that works for you, please contact our Office Manager, Vicky Spence, at (905) 986-4401 or

Please note, if you are registering through an agency (e.g. Children’s Aid Societies, shelters, school boards, etc.) fees are $650 (per camper) for a seven-day session.

If you’d like to support other campers, please consider paying the full unsubsidized fee of $910 (per camper) for a seven-day session.

A Day in the Life at Camp Scugog

8:00 AM - Polar Bear and Voyageur!

Wake up with a crisp jump in the lake and a serene morning paddle to get you excited for the day ahead! This is not a mandatory activity but is encouraged for all campers.


8:45 AM - Staff Breakfast

While campers get ready for the day, staff will enjoy their breakfast.


9:15 AM - Camper Breakfast

Hand off the kids to our capable staff and enjoy breakfast with the adults! Not your regular continental breakfast, we have something different to enjoy every morning while also having the classics like oatmeal available everyday. 


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM - Morning Rotations

During each session, campers will get to try all the land and water activities we offer! Their counsellor will sign their group up for morning rotations every day choosing from Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Low Ropes, High Ropes and more.


Moms' programming varies with additional activities organized by the Mom’s counsellor. From jewelry making to chats with tea and coffee, or simply partaking in one of the classic camp activities mentioned above, it is a time for fun with community.


11:45 AM - Staff Lunch

Staff get together for lunch while campers have free time.


12:15 PM - Camper Lunch 

The counsellors are with the kids again, while the moms enjoy lunch together!


1:00 PM - Rest Period

Time to play some cards, curl up with a good book or simply just relax! Rest period is often spent in the cabin and the family sticks together during this time. It is a chance to recharge after a fun morning spent in the sun.

2:00 PM - Afternoon Rotations

The kids are with their counsellors for an afternoon of more fun-filled activities!


3:30 PM - Family Swim

There are lots of hot days at camp, making the daily family swim a vital part of the camp experience. Nobody is forced to go in, but it's sure nice after a day spent in the sun.


4:45 PM - Staff Dinner

The staff gets together for dinner while campers get changed and have free time.

5:15 PM - Camper Dinner

The kids are with their counsellors as camp gathers for a well-balanced dinner.


6:00 PM - Evening Program

The counsellors are with the kids for evening games while mothers are whisked away for their own evening activity!


7:30 PM - Campfire

Every great day ends with a warm campfire by the lake where the whole camp gets together to sing campfire songs, listen to stories and enjoy guitar playing.


8:15 PM - Nighttime Routine

After campfire, caregivers get their children ready for bed with a staff member there to offer support, stories, and snack.


8:30 PM - Lights Out and Storytime!

We ensure all our campers are read to each night to help them wind down from the day and kickstart their dreams.


9:00 PM - Mom’s Late Evening Program

Caregivers gather for a snack, a fun activity and good company! Favourite activities include Pictionary and Bingo Night!


10:00 - Bedtime

Time to rest up for another day of fun and activity!

Every session, campers can expect an awards night to commemorate and recount the good times they had during the week.

Moms can showcase their talents and/or simply enjoy the show-stopping acts of our wonderful staff at the once-a-session event, Coffee House.

Is Camp Scugog right for your child?
Here are some options to help you decide!

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