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Leadership Program

This two-year program for teens aged 15 to 17 focuses on developing skills at different levels each summer. Through physical fitness, goal setting and community living, youth will complete the program with the tools necessary to be positive and caring community members. One especially exciting part of this program is a week-long trip into the backcountry of Algonquin Park, alternating between canoeing and hiking each year. The fun doesn’t stop in the summer! The Leadership Program extends during the offseason with regular in-person meetings and events.  


The camper starts the two-year program as a Leader in Training (LIT) where they work towards certifications in swimming, canoeing and first aid, build their leadership and communication skills, and apply them in their day-to-day life at camp. 


The camper then graduates to a Junior Counsellor (JC) for the next summer. This new role allows them to apply all the tools and skills they learned the previous year as they work with campers and shadow staff as buddy counsellors to a cabin group. They continue to work on their swimming skills, advancing to higher qualifications and working towards becoming a certified waterfront lifeguard the following summer.


The year-round Leadership Program plays a critical role in enabling teens to become successful staff members. This program is a direct link from camper to staff and continues to build a foundation of community and support. Many of our staff members have successfully completed the Leadership Program and are an integral part of Camp Scugog. Without the Leadership Program, the Camp Scugog community would not be as strong as it is today. 


This program notably plays a critical role in breaking the cycle of poverty for participants. This program equips young people with tools, skills, confidence, and support systems to help them achieve more at home than they thought was possible. This program has helped support young people with improved grades in school, acceptance into post-secondary education, resume building and professional references, and employment in their communities.

Benefits of the Leadership Program
  • Develop hard skills including Standard First Aid, Bronze Swimming certifications, and National Lifeguard - Waterfront certification.

  • Grow important soft skills like effective communication techniques, collaboration, and adaptability to take back to your school, community and beyond.

  • Year-round support and community.

  • Develop resiliency and independence as you grow through the program. 

  • Improve productivity, time management and problem-solving skills while in a leadership role.

  • Spend time in nature – both our beautiful site and the world-famous Algonquin Park.

Year-Round Support and Programming

The LITs and JCs meet regularly to connect with each other and the Camp Scugog community, learn new skills, and continue their personal growth. Some of our offseason meetings include:

  • Spending weekends at camp with a focus on team-building initiatives

  • Trying out cool activities in Toronto

  • Volunteering for major camp events like the annual Scugog Quest and Spring Cleaning Day

  • The Annual Bancroft Winter Weekend, which consists of fun in the snow, GT snow racing, snow shoeing, snow football, and a family holiday dinner

Camp Session
Start Date
End Date
2, 3, 4, 5*
Sat, Jul. 13, 2024
Wed, Aug. 21, 2024
15 to 17

* Camp Scugog is not responsible for LITs and JCs during breaks between sessions.


** Regardless of your financial situation, everyone is welcome at Camp Scugog’s Summer Camp, while spots last. 

Fees are flexible and exist on a sliding scale based on need. To arrange a payment plan that works for you, please contact our Office Manager, Vicky Spence, at (905) 986-4401 or

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