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Caregiver Information

We are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming the child in your care to Camp Scugog! In preparation for their arrival, please find information below to help you get ready for camp. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at

Camp Staff

We have an absolutely incredible staff team that is just as diverse as the campers we serve. Nearly all of our staff has been hired internally, and you’ll find a variety of languages, cultures, religions and more on site. We offer an overall ratio of one staff for every two campers, ensuring all campers receive the attention and care needed to truly thrive while at camp. All staff hold certifications in first aid, and have been trained in managing challenging behaviour. Furthermore, all waterfront staff hold their Lifeguarding qualifications as well as certifications in Canoeing and Kayaking. Lastly, there is always a “Floater” on site, available to provide 1:1 attention and care in moments of extra need.

Registration and Payment

Regardless of your financial situation, everyone is welcome at Camp Scugog’s Summer Camp, while spots last. 

Fees are flexible and exist on a sliding scale based on need. To arrange a payment plan that works for you, please contact our Office Manager, Vicky Spence, at (905) 986-4401 or


Meals at Camp

Three well-balanced meals with proteins and greens are offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as an evening snack. We accommodate dietary restrictions including but not limited to: vegetarianism, veganism, gluten allergy or sensitivity, dairy-free, lactose intolerance and halal.


Health and Safety

Health and safety is a priority at Camp Scugog. During the summer months, our nurse looks after the wellbeing of every person on site. Upon arrival, campers must give the nurse all medications (prescription and non-prescription), with instructions on how and when they are to be taken. The nurse’s cabin is stocked with basic over-the-counter medications in the case your child may unexpectedly feel unwell.

Packing Information

At Camp, we have everything a camper may need, from extra clothing, outerwear, undergarments and swimwear to toiletries, feminine hygiene products, bedding, and more. If you are able and would like to pack your own things, below is a recommended packing list. Importantly, electronics are not needed while at camp.

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