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Special Activities


Each session, cabin groups are able to bond with nature and experience the thrill of cooking on an open fire and sleeping in tents under the stars. Many cabin groups find their overnight to be one of the most rewarding times of the summer, when campers and staff are able to connect as a group while working together to make their time in the woods a total success. Our 300 acres provide plenty of safe and exciting spots for our groups to camp.


Sunday mornings are a special time at Camp Scugog. Campers and staff gather together to celebrate important themes such as hope, friendship, community and love. Favourite memories are formed at chapel as young and old connect. Many of our alumni have said that some of their most cherished memories have come from their moments of connection at chapel.



Each night campers and staff gather around our campfire to enjoy an evening of songs and skits. We begin with energetic action songs, where campers are free to let loose and just be kids, and close with our well-known guitar songs as the sun sets over the lake. Campfire is one of our most honoured traditions at Camp Scugog.

Special Day

Once a session, campers and staff gather for an exciting day of fun and adventure. Each session boasts a different theme, ranging from a Disney story, to the Olympics or even a day at the fair. True to its name, special days are certainly something to look forward to.

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Once a session, campers rally with their cabin groups to put together a skit, a song, or whatever else their creative brains can come up with and perform it on Airband night! A longstanding tradition at Camp Scugog that started with classic air band performances is now an anticipated evening  where our campers unleash their imaginations.

Awards Night

At the end of each session, campers are presented with an awards certificate commemorating all the activities they participated in over the session. During Mothers & Childrens Camp, staff create personalized awards for their campers. In our commitment to inclusivity, all campers leave with an award that represents the time they spent at camp and the connections they made.

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