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Year-End Class Trip

Year-End Class Trips combine fun, learning, and self-discovery with your end of year celebration. Bringing students to Camp Scugog’s Leadership Centre provides them with the chance to enjoy their final moments together while challenging them to look within themselves to consider who they are, and who they want to become. We recommend selecting activities listed under Low Ropes, High Ropes, Outdoor Living, Large Group Games, and Crafts. These year-end class trips are available between May 1 and June 22.

Every program is fully customizable with a large selection of activities for you and your team to choose from.

For your Year-End Class Trip, we recommend:


High Ropes

Participants can traverse the obstacles suspended in the air with more than one teammate at a time, or help to belay their teammates and communicate with them from below. These courses challenge participants to develop trust within themselves and their teammates.


Low Ropes

A series of ground based obstacles designed to challenge teams and individuals to work together. Exercises focus on building trust, improving participants’ ability to communicate, stimulating creative problem solving, collaborating even with constraints, and developing and executing a plan with many moving parts.


Large Group Games

Active competition based games that students complete in teams. Activities include field sports and camp-wide challenges that encourage communication, sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation.


Outdoor Recreation

The outdoor recreation activities offer the opportunity to play in nature. Experience new things like archery, canoeing, and nature hikes. Learn outdoor skills like campfire and shelter building. With 300+ acres of land on the shores of Lake Scugog, the possibilities are endless.



We offer a variety of crafts that suit your needs and schedule. Let us know what you and your students are interested in. You may bring your own items for our tie-dye program, or we offer to order plain or Camp Scugog branded items for an additional fee.

Click the Program Guide below for a full list of activities.

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