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Land Activities


Arts & Crafts

Campers are able to express their creative side in our arts and crafts program. Our instructors help campers explore their creativity by making something  beautiful and memorable.


Our basketball court contains six nets and has enough space for playing full games or several small games. With benches to rest and watch, basketball is a great group activity that everyone can enjoy.


Beach Volleyball

Our beach volleyball court overlooks beautiful views of our waterfront as campers are able to serve, volley and bump the ball with a lake breeze to accompany them.


With patience and independence, campers try their hand at the celebrated sport of archery. Leaders provide safe and attentive instruction to ensure that our campers are able to learn the dynamics of this sport, while feeling the overwhelming accomplishment of a bull’s-eye.


Field Sports

Each afternoon campers are able to participate in camp-wide field sports. Activities range from soccer to flag football to camp-wide games of tag. Here campers are able to be active and learn to cooperate on a team. Games cater to the abilities and skill levels of all campers.


Campers love riding through forest trails and exploring new sights and sounds as part of our biking program. Safety and fun are combined to make this activity a hit among campers both young and old. A bike ride test is required before embarking on a biking adventure.


Low Ropes

The low ropes course is tucked away in our cedar forest so that campers are able to connect with nature while enjoying this rewarding and exciting activity. With teamwork and cooperation, campers are able to work together to overcome each challenge.

High Ropes

Our high ropes course is a new addition to the activities we offer at camp. Off the forest path, Leahey Lane, can be found a high ropes adventure that tests skills of balance, strength and cooperation. Groups must work together to overcome obstacles in the sky!


Coming Soon

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